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Every service is personally tailored to your unique situation and proven scientifically to be a powerfully effective way forward for you.


Living Proof Breakthrough Session 

Personalized for the Highly Sensitive Individual, this is the most powerful way to move you forward to being yourself again. Fully aware, fully confident, and fully alive. We asked, how will you receive the greatest results in the shortest amount of time with the simplest process? This is the answer. 

Break free from negative emotional baggage through a simple process.

Finally feel seen, heard, and understood.

Release the chains of the past and step into your bright future.

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BodyTalk Session 

BodyTalk speaks to the heart of the matter and finds the underlying cause of illness by looking at your unique story — physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors that make you. Get to the root cause. Allow the body to heal as it is designed to do.

Increase harmony within the mind and body for deep healing.

Stop overwhelm. Experience mental clarity, focus, and peace.

Find relief for chronic issues related to digestion, immune support, hormones, women's health and fertility, pain, discomfort, and persistent negative emotions and self-talk.

Perfect for HSP, distance sessions are peer reviewed for effectiveness by UCLA medical department.

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Client Success Stories

My appointment was just perfect, I feel wonderful. I cannot wait until my next treatment. If I feel like this after one, just imagine how I will feel after two and three. Thanks so much for your healing hands.

Debbie T.

Rosalie is amazing at what she does. The Bodytalk sessions always leave me feeling so much more peaceful and focused and like ME. Thank you so much for being so amazing!

Andrea R.

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