Client Success

Thanks for the session Rosalie. It felt good to be there today. I like your vibe and the atmosphere you create. I was unusually light afterwards and acutally giddy this afternoon. Really positive feeling! Still processing lots. Mind expanding to experience the way you did the session. Thanks for that!

Kim P.

Just want to say BodyTalk is amazing. Talking to my husband about everything. Feel like we are on the same page finally. Feel equal. I can already breathe better and feel my throat draining. My lymph nodes in my neck have been palpable for 6 weeks. Today they are gone!!! So pleased. Absolutely amazing!

Stacey M.

Rosalie is an excellent practitioner. I have been going to her for about a year now and in that time I have had many physical and emotional issues resolved. My insomnia is gone, my bipolar is also gone. I went to her for help coping with a difficult mental illness, but I got something I didn’t expect – it is gone. Through At One Wellness I have found a happiness in life I didn’t think possible for me. Words cannot express my gratitude and what this has done for me. To say I feel like a different person is an understatement. I look forward to each appointment with Rosalie, and I highly recommend going to her.

Amber L.

I met Rosalie yesterday for my first bodytalk session yesterday. I came in with allot of baggage as most would, but her smile and disposition made me feel at ease. It’s hard to put into words how my session went and all I can come up with is a feeling of empowerment and open. Rosalie presents herself with such professionalism and knows how to read her clients. I love her vision and her passion to help women like me. I’m blessed to have met her and can’t wait for my next session.

Erin D.

I hurt my back working at home when moving furniture and cleaning around, not sure at what moment but at some point I could not move even a little, the pain was totally paralyzing. I had anti inflammatory from first day and suspect of probably spine or disk damage. For 3 days I could not move from bed, the pain was not healing and I was totally devastated when I told Rosalie about it. Then she asked me if I wanted some help from her. At first I was not very hopeful, seeing myself like this I could not expect to recover quickly but I know Rosalie is very capable and good heart so I agree to receive help from her. The next day I wake up feeling much better and I was able of doing some of my chores!! The pain of the back was clearly healing but then I could feel a very deep pain in my hip area. I told Rosalie about the healing of my back but the pain in my hips and she explained me the healing process, what she found in the session and that I should feel more relief in next days.

And she was right, the next day I healed the pain in the hip area too and it was such a relief, I continue doing my chores little by little and resting when I could. In the next 2 days I improved so much that I almost forget about the days in bed so I started fully working and my back did not bother me again!! I do not know or understand well what Rosalie did but I can tell you that whatever it was I healed very quickly after that and I could not expect it. Also what she told me that found in my session was quite accurate to my situation and of great help too and I even feel much better now than before hurting my back and better at emotional level too. I am very thankful to Rosalie for helping me to heal, so glad that she helped me!.

Clara J.

“One BodyTalk session with Rosalie at At One Wellness can change your life. I must admit that when I first heard about BodyTalk I was a skeptic, but after dealing with panic attacks and anxiety for a number of years, I had nothing to lose. I am now much more self aware of my own idiosyncrasies and am able to recognize and deal with the symptoms of my anxiety so much better, that I barely ever have any issues with it anymore.

Rosalie is observant, caring and compassionate and has incredible insight into the needs of her clients. She is willing to challenge your long-held beliefs and help give you perspective on the issues you are grappling with. Rosalie also helped my 8 year old son with sleep issues. After months of not getting to sleep at night as he was anxious, one session with Rosalie turned things right around and he has been sleeping soundly ever since. Want to feel better now? A session with Rosalie is all it takes.”

Jess P.

Rosa was incredible as always. I highly recommend her to all who are searching for health and happiness.

Jim L.

“Thank you for the most amazing session on Friday. I haven’t felt this balanced in so long! I am so grateful for the time you took and for the work you did including the work on the business! I will keep you posted on how I feel over the next couple weeks.

 My daughter would like to set up an appointment too!”

Leonore L.

My appointment was just perfect feel wonderful. just can not wait till my next treatment. I feel like this after 1, just imagine how I will feel after 2 and 3. Thanks so much for your healing hands.

Debbie T.

Rosalie is amazing. She helped me so much! Had a great connection with her and am so grateful for all her guidance. Thank you!

Kari D.

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