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Helping Highly Sensitive People feel better forĀ a combined 17 years.

Our Promise: We will fully support you, the Highly Sensitive Person, to overcome chronic stress, anxiety, and depression to find inner-peace and strength step-by-step by establishing healthy habits & boundaries for you and your relationships.

What is the Body Talk System?

Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the hidden causes of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors.

What is Neurolinguistic Programming?

NLP is a set of techniques distilled from study of the most successful psychotherapists. It is the fastest way to let go of your negative mental and emotional baggage.

What is Mental Emotional Release?

Mental Emotional Release is a process designed to gently and easily release negative mental emotional baggage to help you become the next best version of yourself.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Rosalie has been helping women with depression, anxiety and disease for over 18 years using the scientifically-proven most effective techniques available to humankind.

Word on the street:

“Rosalie is AMAZING.”

Just want to say BodyTalk is amazing. Talking to my husband about everything. Feel like we are on the same page finally. Feel equal. I can already breathe better and feel my throat draining. My lymph nodes in my neck have been palpable for 6 weeks. Today they are gone!!! So pleased. Absolutely amazing.

Stacey M.

Lenore L.

Scientific Proof

BodyTalk is scientifically proven effective in healing of disease.

Explore peer-reviewed research by clicking the image below.

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