Living Proof Breakthrough

Learn more about our most powerful, proven process for personal healing & transformation.

Benefits of the Living Proof Breakthrough:


You will feel lighter.


Feel more confidence.


Higher self-worth.


Your relationships will improve.


Clarity for your future.


Earn more money.


Fulfill your potential.


Release the weight of the past.


Accelerate on your path.


100% proven effective.


Fast & efficient.


No relapse.


Better communication.


Improves all areas of life.

Why a Living Proof Breakthrough?

Because you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing works. In fact, one of your core beliefs may now be “nothing works for me.” And the Living Proof Breakthrough has been proven effective for even the worst cases of “nothing works for me.”

What is a Breakthrough?

The breakthrough is a four month or one year guided personal healing journey combined with coaching. The gentle process is done from the comfort of your home over secure video-conferencing or in-person if preferred.

The guided breakthrough goes deeper—bringing awareness to core beliefs holding you in the stuckness. Uncovering what they are is the first step and the key to breaking the cycle of negativity, struggle, and limitations. No matter which aspect of life you dive into, you will feel the positive ripple into your relationships, career, and health!

How do I do it?

Once you’ve had an initial Clarity Call with either Rosalie or Patrick, and you’ve invested a deposit, your journey begins with our Living Proof Breakthrough video library which will guide you through the initial concepts and learnings required for an amazing breakthrough. You will have a pre-breakthrough meeting to make sure you’re on track and we will schedule your 6-8 hour main session. After that, you have our full support and regular coaching sessions for full integration for three months post-breakthrough.

Overall Framework:

The overall framework for the Living Proof Process and most important steps to creating real change:

  1. Decide…to make change and that you are worth it.
  2. Release…old emotional baggage and old beliefs no longer serving you.
  3. Create…a compelling future and set the next goal.
  4. Act…on the next first step of your plan.
  5. Focus…on your future and continue adjusting course.

Become Living Proof:

You were made for more!

Through a series of gentle process you will be lead to the otherside. Release the holding patterns, negative emotions, bring clarity and focus to your true core values, complete with road maps for bite-size daily actionable steps so you can reach your goals and live life empowered, fully aligned with your higher purpose.

Full support.

Your success is why we do what we do. We will be here for you every step of the way. Our practitioners Rosalie & Patrick, combined with our responsive support team and community of “At Oners”, you will be surrounded by 24-7 warmth and encouragement.

Complete & Thorough.

We have been conditioned to believe change has to be a long, difficult process, which is why sometimes people give up or don’t try. This is simply not true with the Living Proof Breakthrough. Our process is complete & thorough, you will begin to shift as soon as you decide and make the investment, and by the end you won’t remember what the issue was.

Go to the source of the problem.

No more sweeping problems under the rug. This process completely removes the source of the issue and it’s gone forever. Through your stories and life experiences we find the lynch pin for the problems and remove it with a series of non-invasive, gentle processes. The result ripples out and eliminates all the problems once connected to it.

Clarity for the Future.

Then you create clarity around exactly what you want to experience instead, we guide you to integrate new strategies to move forward toward that goal. The process wraps up with a deep relaxation installing new ways of thinking and ways of being so you can reach those goals and take your life and relationships to places you’ve never been before with ease.

Get 100% clear on what matters most to you.

Knowing your core values and motivation brings confidence, empowerment, and creates a foundation for your life. This, in turn, gives you the ability to respond and make decisions easier. And life begins to flow.


Client Success Stories

“Through At One Wellness I have found a happiness in life I didn’t think possible for me. Words cannot express my gratitude and what this has done for me. To say I feel like a different person is an understatement. I look forward to each appointment with Rosalie, and I highly recommend going to her.

Amber L.

“When I had my first appointment, I must say I was skeptical, as I really didn’t know a lot about it and didn’t know what to expect. However, we connected immediately and I appreciate how Rosalie has helped me work through my anxiety and panic in such a way that I really feel like I can take on the world. I would highly recommend At One Wellness.

Jessica P.

Ready to Make a Change?

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