Meet Rosalie

Founder of At One Wellness

After a medical crisis in my 20s, I became living proof of what our bodies can do to heal themselves with the right supports. Today, people look at my glittery personality and wonder how someone like me could have been through so much: trauma, anxiety, depression, literal paralysis. But by healing from my own personal wounds, I developed an intimate understanding of how to help others heal.

I want to change the planet, and I’m committed to using my unique gifts. They’re simple goals, but getting to this clarity wasn’t easy, and I still work on moving forward every day.

When we take care of ourselves and others, it ripples out and changes the entire community. I’m passionate about working with women to expand that ripple through their families, workplaces, and lives. I want other women to live in a reality that’s full of potential, instead of a life of constant struggle and disconnection.

By being a grounded presence for women, I hold space for them to safely discharge the negative parts of their lives without judgement. My heart-based communication style allows me to act as an operator or translator for the messages they may not realize they are hearing, from the world and their own bodies.

As a child, I imagined being a doctor, and have always been drawn to natural healing and integrative therapies. Today, I use BodyTalk, neurolinguistic programming, Access for Animals, hypnotherapy, Kundalini and Tantric practices, doula training, and a bevy of other personal development tools to work in women’s health and fixing people’s hearts—but without the scalpel. I started working with animals in 1994 and have been serving women since 2010; I have found a way to live my purpose and make this world a better place by touching people’s lives in a positive way.

Thanks for coming to my little corner of the world to learn more about me, At One Wellness, and the work I do. I can’t wait to meet you and work together.

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