Mental Emotional Release®

Learn more about one of the most powerful processes for transformation & empowerment.


Why Mental Emotional Release®?

Your Living Proof Breakthrough healing journey includes Mental Emotional Release®. Release and heal negative emotions and beliefs holding you back. Integrate life’s lessons so you can create a new future.


100% proven effective.


Non-invasive & gentle.


Fast & efficient.


No relapse.


Improves all areas of life.

Who do you want to be?

MER® is like a reset button. You’ll have a clean slate to create your new future. You’ll feel the freedom to unapologetically BE YOU!

What do you want to do?

Releasing negative patterns, energy, and emotions becomes the foundation for aligning with your purpose and what you want most.

Big Dreams, Bold Goals.

Your life will begin to manifest magically — fueled by clarity, focus, optimism, and synchronistic alignment with your purpose.

MER® Benefits

100% Clinically Proven Effective

Clinical, Academic, and Case study research shows effective reduction in depressive states, anxiety, and significant behavioural changes in at-risk youth. As well as positive results from minor anxiety to PTSD, for resolving negative emotions and limiting decisions, chronic issues, and with those who had not responded to other approaches.

Improves All Areas of Life

Another benefit of the MER® process is that positive outcomes automatically generalize to other circumstances and areas of life. For instance, if we remove negative emotions around relationships, you’ll find your career improves as well, along with physical health and other areas. 

Fast & Efficient

We have been conditioned to believe change has to be a long, difficult process, which is why sometimes people give up or don’t try. This is simply not true with MER®, as people with long-standing issues experience the problem as completely gone. Most clients experience their problems and symptoms disappear within one or two sessions, even those with decades of symptoms or a history of severe trauma or abuse.

Non-Invasive & Gentle

MER does not require recall of any specific negative memories from the past. This is one of the reasons why it is so effective for clients with PTSD, phobias, or those suffering from chronic anxiety, stress, or depression; which may be tied to some sort of abuse or trauma in the past. You will remain in a space of safety and comfort to allow the greatest healing and results.

No Relapse.

MER® creates a baseline of mental and emotional wellness so when new problems come up in life, you have the ability to cope from a new perspective. The simple process creates a significant shift so you don’t continue the old strategies. Unlike other therapies that require constant monitoring, with MER when the emotions and you feel as though a problem has disappeared, it has disappeared.

Removes the Root Problem

Emotional baggage is like a weed, you need to remove the root so it doesn’t grow back. Tending to your emotional wellness is like tending a garden, as you move forward MER® makes it easier to grow the plants and flowers you want most in your life. 🙂


Client Success Stories

“Through At One Wellness I have found a happiness in life I didn’t think possible for me. Words cannot express my gratitude and what this has done for me. To say I feel like a different person is an understatement. I look forward to each appointment with Rosalie, and I highly recommend going to her.

Amber L.

“When I had my first Body Talk appointment, I must say I was skeptical, as I really didn’t know a lot about it and didn’t know what to expect. However, we connected immediately and I appreciate how Rosalie has helped me work through my anxiety and panic in such a way that I really feel like I can take on the world. I would highly recommend her and Body Talk.

Jessica P.

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